Friday, 5 December 2014

Don’t Let These Wedding Faux Pas Get on Camera!

A wedding is a complicated affair and in all the bustle and confusion, there’s a high chance of something going wrong. You don’t want whatever that is to be saved for posterity by your wedding photographer. Here are a few situations you should look out for:

The Drunk Bride

It’s a classic plot for sitcoms and movies, but when it comes to real life, getting drunk in your own wedding is simply in poor taste. Even when the bride isn’t tipsy and all over the place, chances are that inebriation will significantly affect the outcomes of the photos, especially the close-ups, which can definitely reveal wine stains and a flushed face.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Get Great Wedding Photos with These Tips

Your wedding is a special day and you will want the reminders of that day to be as good as they can be. These tip will ensure your wedding photos are truly memorable.

Choose a Style

There are many wedding photography styles, and each photographer will be versed in one or the other, so it’s best to know what you want before hiring a photographer. Note that there are photographers whose shots are traditional while others are more daring and inventive when it comes to angle, lighting, background, and poses.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Wedding Photography Helps Preserve Cultural Traditions and Rituals

Marriage in the Hindu culture isn’t just about uniting the individuals but also their families. It is a ceremony that unites not only their physical bodies, but also their souls and spirits. In addition, the event signifies the participants’ acceptance of the responsibilities that come with union. Hindu weddings are divided into three parts: pre-wedding customs, wedding day ceremony, and post-wedding day celebrations. Together, these usually last up to four or five days. One of the most important rituals within this period is called the “Sapta Padi”, the pledging of seven vows. Said to be performed in the presence of Agni, the divinity who symbolizes fire and light, the rite helps build the foundation of the couple’s marriage by speaking of love, loyalty, and commitment.

Monday, 24 November 2014

How a Seasoned Wedding Photographer Can Affect a Marriage Ceremony

A wedding is a significant milestone, and thus it is important to plan for it comprehensively so that these memories can be shared with your loved ones in the future. By hiring a professional wedding photographer, couples can look back at the pictures taken during their wedding day and reminisce everything from the planning, pre-nuptials, and make-up to the ceremony and reception with family and friends who were part of the special day. Photographs aren’t just tangible objects; they also serve the more vital function of bringing back memories that were captured a long time ago. The laughter that was shared, tears that weren’t contained by the participants, the smiles of the children and of everyone else present that day—photographs bring back all of the sweet and cherished moments that made that day truly special.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

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Friday, 31 October 2014

Asian Wedding Photography Captures the Mix of Modern and Traditional

More and more South Asians blend contemporary and traditional wedding customs, and their photos show the wonderful results. If you’re a modern, unconventional bride like many others today, you can definitely mix the old and the new to make your big day truly yours. Take a cue from Dia Mirza, an Indian model, actress, producer, and 2000 Miss Asia Pacific International titleholder. In her marriage to fellow film producer Sahil Sangha, Mirza wasn’t afraid to infuse her heritage into her Vedic wedding plans while still keeping Arya Samaj rituals. Shashi Sunny features the Bollywood couple’s wedding and Mirza’s unusual but gorgeous gown in an article for The Asian Age:

Unique Wedding Photo Ideas

When it comes to wedding photography, most people think of stiff, pre-determined poses. However, it isn’t much like that nowadays, as photographers are artists by their own right. For those looking for unique wedding photo ideas, here are a few.
Bride before her gown – Before the bride puts her dress on, a photographer can opt to capture a stunningly candid moment of his or her subject taking it all in and admiring her beautiful dress before the ceremony kicks in.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Role of a Wedding Photographer in a Royal or Fairy Tale Theme

Every bride deserves to feel like royalty on her big day. You might want to channel your inner Grace Kelly or Kate Middleton, or perhaps you want to fulfil your childhood dream of a fairy tale wedding after finally meeting your prince charming. Whichever the case is, a creative wedding photographer can help emphasise the grandeur and make the day more memorable. A Palace should be Your Place of Choice Rachel Morgan of Wedding Ideas magazine and folks from Scotland’s 5-star wedding venue Dundas Castle team up to cite reasons behind the appeal of tying the knot in a castle. Here are three of the highlights:

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

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Friday, 17 October 2014

How Photographers Capture Stunning Candid Photos

Photographers are mostly overt with their job, positioning themselves at the best possible vantage point with their lenses intently pointed at the subject they’re trying to photograph. But at times, they can be ultra-sneaky—capturing a stunningly beautiful candid moment without the subject ever knowing it. Here are a few tricks that they employ.

How Photographers Capture Stunning Candid Photos

Photographers are mostly overt with their job, positioning themselves at the best possible vantage point with their lenses intently pointed at the subject they’re trying to photograph. But at times, they can be ultra-sneaky—capturing a stunningly beautiful candid moment without the subject ever knowing it. Here are a few tricks that they employ.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Important Highlights of Indian Weddings

A professional wedding photographer doesn’t just snap pictures of the couple and their families. He should know how to immerse his photos with the culture and ambience of the ceremony. When choosing a photographer, be sure to pick one who knows how to capture the spirit of the day.

This is even more true for Asian weddings, which have more of a flourish to them than simple Western ones. Their pomp and detail, whether in South Asian or Chinese ceremonies, can be confusing for amateur photographers to showcase properly. Professionals, however, are expected to have familiarised themselves with them.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Wedding Photography Tip: Get a Grand Venue to Match Your Grand Event

For even bigger celebrations, try booking the Butterley Grange Mansion in Derbyshire, which can accommodate 600 guests for a marquee reception (with a huge bridal suite furnished with an 8-foot emperor-size bed to boot) or the Natural History Museum’s Central Hall, a cathedral-like setting that can seat up to 650 guests. To suit a more extravagant and eccentric taste, you also have a wide selection of atmospheric castles like the 11th century Ludlow Castle in Shropshire. Companies like Pixcellence Photography specialise in Asian wedding photography in London and other parts of the U.K., which make them an excellent choice for big festivities and banquets. No matter how grand the place or the celebration is, these professional photographers will use their expertise to chronicle your big day and create stunning wedding photos that make the most of your venue.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

How Your Wedding Photographer Should Capture the Highlights of the Day

The precious photos shared by the couple are actually the most essential ones you have to take on your big day. These must-have shots will truly be highlights of the event; they’re the ones you print on big canvases to get displayed at home, and the ones you’ll treasure most in the years to come. With that in mind, you have to find and work with a reliable and talented wedding photographer like one from Pixcellence Photography to make sure that each of these images are perfect and to your liking. Anyone you ask to take your wedding photos will definitely try to immortalise every cherished moment, but only a dedicated London wedding photographer will make sure that the most important photos will be taken as precisely as you requested or as lovely as you would want it. The professional will use expertise to capture your gorgeous bridal glow, your tender moments with your new husband, your celebrations with loved ones, and other significant details of your wedding.

Monday, 15 September 2014

How a Wedding Photographer Makes Memorable Photos

There’s a reason weddings are called “The Big Day”; after all, it is the day couple-to-be has long been waiting and preparing for. Every couple, however, differs in how they mark the occasion.

Although a lot of couples won’t be able to pull off a grand wedding, that doesn't mean they shouldn't throw everything they have into making it unforgettable—including hiring an experienced wedding photographer to help them capture its very best moments.

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Friday, 12 September 2014

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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

South Asian Culture Basics: Anand Karaj

Generally, it's called a wedding; but Sikhs have a sacred name for it: "Anand Karaj", which is Punjabi for "blissful union."

Sikh marital unions are closer in principle to western marriages than any other South Asian cultures, in that Sikhs are free to choose their partners, provided they are also Sikhs. However, the Anand Karaj is vastly different from a western wedding ceremony.

The Anand Karaj consists of a series of rituals, many of which involve paying respect to the Guru Granth Sahib, Sikhism's sacred text. The ceremony also does away with marriage documents, needing nothing more than an affirmation by the bride and groom of their undying love for each other.

One of the highlights of the Anand Karaj is the four wedding rounds known as the Lavan. These rounds signify the four stages in a life of love: duty to the family and community, selfless love and holy fear, freedom from any desire other than God, and total harmony. As these verses are sung, the couple walks around the Guru Granth Sahib four times.

At the end of the Anand Karaj is the feast. Unlike Christian churches, the Gurdwara, where the wedding ceremony takes place, comes with its own free kitchen where the food for the guests is prepared and served.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Choosing the Right Wedding Photography Service for Your Asian Wedding

The first thing you should consider in choosing your wedding photographer is his or her knowledge about the particular culture that you want your wedding to feature. Many wedding photography services in London, such as Pixcellence Photography, have culturally aware photographers who know how an Asian wedding works. These professionals can express their artistic style without disrupting any rituals during the ceremony. Meet up with potential wedding photographers and choose someone you are willing to work with. Check their portfolio if they have one and see if their style meets your standards. You will need someone who can accurately capture the mood of the event. Choose someone with whom you can easily talk to and share your ideas with, since a lack of communication can lead to bad results.

Make Your Wedding Day an Event to Remember with a Wedding Photographer

You don’t have to worry about anyone not in the photos, since a good wedding photographer can systematically include every single guest on your wedding day in all of the shots. Sincere moments that may seem difficult to even capture are also not a problem for these specialists. In addition, you’ll have enough photos to send to your relatives and friends, instead of relying on your inexperienced friend’s digital camera. Simply put, a wedding photographer in London can take care of preserving every enchanting moment of your special day, and all you have to do is to enjoy and live the occasion. You are entitled to these precious moments, after all. Contact your event photography service in your area to capture a wedding you won’t forget.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Fun Photo-ops and Concepts with Kids

When the bride and groom both have big families, they can definitely expect kids to be among their wedding guests. In many occasions, children not only enliven the reception, but also play valuable roles in the ceremony. In South Asian weddings, the kids not only get to participate in the fun, but are also given the chance to get familiar with native customs.
With kids at your wedding, you can have fun photo-ops that highlight their charm. Of course, it is important to work with a professional wedding photographer who has vast experience (and patience) in working with kids, and in coming up with creative photo concepts. Here are some ideas that you can try:
Call of Duty
Have your ring bearer show off the precious treasures he’s assigned to keep, and let your flower girls pose with their lovely mini-bouquets or baskets. Consider cute photo concepts, like dressing up the ring bearer as a sleek agent, and showering the flower girls with petals.
Throwback Thursday”
Find a “mini couple” that looks like you and your groom, dress them up in outfits similar to yours, and take a photo with the adorable, younger versions of yourselves (visually, anyway). If your bridesmaids and groomsmen have kids, get everyone together for a group “throwback” snapshot.
Party Time is Play Time.
Don’t miss the candid fun that the kids will definitely have once the solemn ceremony is over. Capture their energy when it’s time to let loose and party!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Some of the Best Practices for Asian Wedding Photography in London

The photographer could go the extra mile for the client by researching how the ceremony goes, or get briefed by you or a member of the family. On the other hand, it would be more convenient to hire a veteran who handles Asian wedding photography in London, like someone from Pixcellence Photography. Such services will be well-versed in covering Asian weddings.

One less worry

With the multitude of things on your mind, the last thing you need to worry about is directing the photographer throughout the ceremony, and worry if his timing was right. This is the day you and your spouse mark the beginning of your journey in life together as one, and it deserves to live on in your photographs as well as your memories.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

How Bonding with a Wedding Photographer Makes for Great Wedding Photos

It’s your first wedding, and you want everything to run like clockwork. Everything is set, from the flowers to the catering. When it comes to hiring a wedding photographer, however, you may want to spend time looking for the best one, as described in an article from After all, everyone will remember your wedding day from the photos, not from the pretty Calla Lillies or the tasty hors d’oeuvres.

What’s your style?

Each photographer has a style of his own, and this should be considered when hiring one. The article lists four types of photography styles: documentary, portraiture, fine-art, and edgy-bold. The experienced London wedding photographer you’re looking for will have a comprehensive portfolio with solid work under services like Pixcellence Photography.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Planning Your Chinese Wedding

Weddings are momentous and joyous occasions regardless of what culture you hail from. If you’re Chinese, however, planning your big day entails unique challenges and preparations not present in western weddings.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Documenting Exotic Weddings

If you’re planning to get married in a traditional Asian style, it’s a wise choice to make sure that the photographer you hire is familiar with the customs and traditions practiced at weddings in your home country. While you the wedding may not seem any more exotic to you than a Sunday stroll through Piccadilly Circus, remember that it certainly might be to the born and bred Englishman or woman clicking away at the shutter.

Photographers with experience documenting exotic weddings share several things in common:

  1. They have an intimate understanding of cultural differences. Either they have spent a lot of time in another country, travelling around the world, or married someone from the other side of the world. Whatever the case, they’ll be sensitive to your customs and will likely even enquire about how best to approach their work with you.

  1. Your wedding won’t be the first exotic event they’ve worked. A photographer who’s worked exotic events in the past will understand that taking pictures of such events requires a quick eye to capture those fleeting, emotionally charged moments and an open mind that can pierce the novelty of the event and see the beauty within. As such, your ideal photographer will likely be able to show you pictures of past events they have documented. Analyse what they focused on and the details that they showcased.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

South Asian Culture Basics: The Gurdwara

Whereas Islam weddings are held in mosques, and Hindu weddings in the Mandir, Sikh weddings are performed in the Gurdwara, the religion’s place of worship. There are dozens of Gurdwaras spread across England alone, catering to the spiritual needs of the country’s Sikh Indian population. In Punjab, Gurdwara translates to "residence of the Guru".

At one point in time, the Gurdwara was called a dharamsala, which means "spiritual dwelling" in Sanskrit. There's also a city called Dharamsala in the province of Himachal Pradesh in northern India, which is the Dalai Lama's residence in exile. In the early 17th century, Guru Har Gobind introduced the term "Gurdwara."  

Apart from carpets, the inside of a Gurdwara is plain; there are no figures nor physical symbols of the faith, as Sikh teachings say that God has no physical form. However, the Guru Granth Sahib, or the Sikh book of scriptures, is housed in a Gurdwara. Basically, in Sikhism today, the term "guru" refers to the scriptures.  

While inside the Gurdwara, it's important to observe the sanctity of the place at all times. For this reason, footwear must be taken off, and the feet must be washed before entering. The Gurdwara also functions as an event hall with its own Langar or kitchen where food is served. To avoid offending other religions, vegetarian food is served in the Gurdwara. 

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Don’t Ruin Your Elegant Wedding Photography Moment with These Faux Pas

This tip goes to the parents of the wedding’s ring bearer and flower girls. Kids can get into all sorts of hijinks when left unattended, so be sure not to leave them out of your sight throughout the ceremony and well into the reception. If you don’t think you can supervise your little one on that day, request or hire someone who can to come with you to the wedding.

Another opportunity for embarrassing photos are cultural weddings, so if you will, for example, have an Asian wedding ceremony and you’ll be hiring a professional for Asian wedding photography, be sure to verse your guests about the do’s and don’ts for the event. While no wedding can be absolutely perfect, you should nevertheless seek to make every moment photo-worthy.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Wedding Photography: Why Hire a Pro

Weddings are once in a lifetime events, and all brides and grooms wouldn’t want to ruin their big day by hiring an amateur wedding photographer. While investing on an experienced professional photographer may take a sizeable chunk out of a couple’s wedding budget, the end results are sure to be far more satisfying, and thus worthy of the investment. Here are some common reasons why weddings should be captured by a professional photographer.


The most reliable professional photographers are those that have been in the trade for quite some time. Their vast experience in wedding photography has given them unmistakable skills that allow them to capture those fleeting, special moments that couples would want to preserve forever.

Something New

Wedding celebrations are evolving and society has been accepting of newer practices. A professional wedding photographer knows just how to make wedding photos unique, in keeping with the theme and setting of a wedding. Pro photographers make use of various techniques that help them achieve this uniqueness.


Professional photographers are aware that the more sophisticated the tools used, the better the quality of the photos. Couples should consider a photographer who uses state of the art equipment to ensure their photos will be of the highest quality.

Monday, 30 June 2014

Sublime Shots: Helping Your Wedding Photographer Take Great Photos

The thing about group portraits is that if you want more shots of different groups of people, the more time it will take to take each one. You can either go for a shorter list while being able to try multiple shots in different angles with each, or a longer list that includes several people but offers very little room to correct bad shots.

Working with a reliable wedding photographer will allow you to capture the best moments of your special day and turn them into lifelong memories. Don’t overwork yourself by focusing too much on the details, because what makes a wedding perfect isn’t solely the presence of a solid plan – but its smooth execution as well.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Asian Wedding Photography in London: Cultural Awareness is a Must

"Cultural awareness means being aware that cultural differences and similarities exist among different people, and that these differences can affect behaviours, attitudes, and communication. Put simply, it is the ability to place one’s self in the shoes of another. Being culturally aware means that you understand why the other person thinks or experiences things differently than you do. For those planning an Asian wedding, or any ethnic wedding for that matter, this essential trait is what they would need to see in the wedding photography professional they hire. If you are having an Indian wedding celebration and want to capture the glamour of your beloved tradition perfectly, an expert in Asian wedding photography in London like Pixcellence Photography can provide a complete visual story of your special day, providing you with many meaningful images that you’ll cherish forever."

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

No Redo—Why You Should Book a Professional London Wedding Photographer

"Above is an excerpt from an article in DIY Photography discussing the difference between professional and amateur photographers. Two phrases leap out from this passage: “to produce great work” and “to deliver”—abilities that a professional photographer can supply and an amateur cannot. Yes, anyone can use a camera, but to deliver professional quality wedding images is a whole different thing entirely. Wedding photography is considered to be one of the most challenging and stressful photography jobs because there’s no luxury of a reshoot if things don’t turn out according to plan. That’s why you need a wedding photographer that’s highly flexible and adept at multiple photography disciplines. That’s why you need a London wedding photographer like Pixcellence Photography."

Monday, 26 May 2014

The Three Styles of Wedding Photography

Capturing your wedding through photographs enables you to look back and relive your special day. The challenge lies in deciding how it should be done. Will you request candid shots, or should all the pictures be professionally staged? One of the basic wedding photography styles is bound to fit the bill.
There are three styles of wedding photography – traditional, reportage, and contemporary. Find out which one would work best for your taste:

When traditional wedding photos are taken, the photographer usually acts as your director. He/she will call out the people who will be on each shot, arrange your positions with universal principles, and take the photos in standard portraits or landscapes. A classic, organized photo-op makes sure that everyone in the wedding can have photos with you.

Candid shots are the meat of reportage wedding photos. The photographer acts like a canny photojournalist and finds the right angles and unscripted scenes that will best document your wedding. A lot of the snapped memories are unusual, but the photographer will work his/her magic to create a pure illustrated narrative of your wedding.

Contemporary wedding photography uses more modern techniques and unique concepts for the pictures. The photographer will beautifully manoeuvre the elements of light, backgrounds, colours or specific forms. The inspiration can come from anywhere – from premier magazine editorials to any out-of-the-box theme that you can come up with.

Choose, and let the distinct approach create the finest stills of that fleeting but memorable day. 

Sikh Wedding Highlights Make Great Photo Moments

Although they have huge religious significance, wedding ceremonies throughout the world are also seen as celebrations of culture--something that is exemplified by Punjabi Sikh weddings. Unlike most other weddings in the U.K., Sikh weddings often last for days and consist of multiple ceremonies performed before and during the actual wedding, or Anand Karaj, itself. As such, these occasions offer aspiring wedding photographers a lot of opportunities for memorable snapshots and photos.

Take for instance the Milni--the ceremony where the groom introduces his family to the bride’s family. This is done hours or minutes before the Anand Karaj. It is a very important tradition as this is where both families formally get to know each other and express their best wishes. Even the procession from the groom’s home to the temple or Gurdwara deserves a few memorable snapshots, as it is traditional for the groom to arrive at the Gurdwara on horseback.

As with similar ceremonies of other religions, Sikh weddings conclude with an extravagant feast, or Langar, for guests and relatives. Sikh weddings also have one final ceremony called the Doli, where the bride bids her family farewell. While the Doli is usually an emotional occasion, it can also be a source of laughs as the bride’s sisters (if she has any) are obliged to pull a prank on the groom and his best man.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Intimacy through Wedding Photography

Smaller, intimate weddings are one of the rising trends this year. The memorable event can certainly be more special with aspects closer to your heart, be it in terms of guests or in terms of your wedding designs. As you settle plans to make your big day feel more intimate, let these simple tips guide you to make the most of your wedding photography:

Highlight your heritage.
Wedding inspiration magazines are putting a spotlight on locally themed weddings, particularly of Asian cultures. Unlike classic western weddings, Asian weddings are saturated in bright colours and solemn traditions. Have your wedding photographs highlight this heritage during the preparation, ceremony, and celebratory feasts to create a more personal and unified touch in your gallery of pictures. 
Add personal touches.
Customisation is one of the trends couples opt for, even with the extra expense. Personal touches to wedding elements bring interesting, distinctive twists to an otherwise cookie cutter wedding. Use do-it-yourself decors, customised cakes, and personalised favours to celebrate your uniqueness as a couple, which guests often find delightful as welcome treats to remember the event by.

Get a photographer that knows you.
Hiring a local photographer or one that specialises in your theme is the best way to preserve an intimate wedding. The photographer needs to understand your preferences and personality in order to take the right shots at the right moment. Look for a professional that can capture the noteworthy moments that become your cherished memories of your special day.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Asian Wedding Photography Discerns Between Sikh and Hindu Ceremonies

With the population of these three religions being almost equal, it is quite easy for the uninitiated to mistake one for the other. In many cases, addressing the wrong faith can be deemed highly disrespectful. While Sikhism may have retained some Hindu and Islamic teachings, it has its own stamp on several practices, including the wedding ceremony. Reputable Asian wedding photography services understand this, and ensure that they make a clear distinction.

Sikh and Hindu marriages are exclusive only to couples within the same religion. The difference is that Hindu couples must belong to the same caste, whereas Sikh couples don’t need to. Although Sikhism has its own caste system, it’s not used as a factor in choosing a spouse.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

When an Asian Wedding Photographer Meets Sikh Culture in a Wedding

Taking snapshots of an Asian wedding— specifically a Sikh one—requires a different skillset. For starters, a professional wedding photographer must know the do’s and don’ts in Sikhism.

When your country used to have an empire that covered a quarter of the world, the influx of cultures to and from the home country stays for good. From a small community in the U.K. before World War II, Indians have swelled to a population of more than 400,000, 97 percent of which are concentrated in England. Today, they’re just as British as any natural Briton.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Working Wonders with your Wedding Photographer

Before hiring a photographer for your wedding, understand first that photographers are artists. They create art works out of captured real life images, and to do that, you need to leave them enough room to recreate images or moments during the occasion. There will be great pictures, and middling ones, but it is best that you can work with your photographer cooperatively and openly communicate how to capture moments brilliantly, as immortalized in pictures.
Candid photos are stunning, but do not underestimate the power of the pose. Sit with your photographer and settle on major shot selections, background shots, and even incorporation of quirky, yet memorable ideas. Bring out fashion magazines and get inspired by the ideas in them. Take note of the elements used in the cover and inside shots, and study how the elements combine to make the photos stand out.
It is also important to ask the photographer for access to his sorting session beforehand. This is handy if you’d like to determine which shots you’d like to include in the album, and identify those needing post-production work. However, remember that your input and that your photographer’s are required during this sorting session, or you might end up loathing each other.
Remember the saying, “There are no rules for good photographs”. You can set limitations as to the places where the photographer can position himself, when to snap photos, and other details. Being the artist that your photographer is, let him (or her) wield his magic.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Tips for Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Your wedding is a day you will want to be able to relive for the rest of your life. Having stunning photographs and videos can help capture precious moments that you may not have been able to see first-hand. As such, it is important to hire a skilled and experienced wedding photographer.

However, any wedding photographer simply won’t do. If you want the best wedding photos, you will need to hire the best wedding photographer for your special day. With that in mind, try to assess the following factors before hiring a photographer:

Wedding Style

Know what type of wedding you and your spouse-to-be will be having. Will it be a traditional ceremony in a church, or will you have it outdoors? The wedding style helps the wedding photographer you hire to plan out the best possible angles.

Such a factor becomes increasingly important if you will be having a traditional cultural wedding. Traditional Asian weddings, for instance, proceed differently from Western marriages, so you will need to look for a photographer who understands the flow of these ceremonies.


Many wedding photographers display their portfolio on their websites. Be sure to take a long look at their entire portfolio to get a feel of how your wedding photos will most likely turn out. Pay close attention to whether the photos have been edited for colour to ensure consistent quality with every shot.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Wedding Photographer for Picturesque Destinations

Photographers are becoming highly-sought for destination weddings. A professional wedding photographer who has work experience across Europe, Western Asia, and other popular spots for destination weddings can beautifully cover such special events. Here are just some of the locations where wedding photographers would work splendidly:

As one of the most romantic places in the world, Italy offers a lot to couples who want a gorgeous backdrop for their big day. The wedding may be a religious ceremony in Florence or in Umbria. Perhaps, it would be a modern affair in the Tuscany countryside landscapes or a medieval castle in Venice. Whichever part of Italy a couple chooses, destination wedding photographers will always aim to creatively capture every precious moment.

South Asian wedding photography light up with saturated colours and rich cultures in India. Unlike western weddings, bright hues and dyed fabrics are unique in these festive yet solemn events. Wedding photographers who specialize in South Asian or Asian weddings are well-versed with proper etiquette in Hindu temples, mosques for Muslims, and so on. They are familiar with traditions, such as the dictates of South Asian culture, enough to capture the true highlights of the wedding.

The Caribbean

Of course, the ultimate destination wedding (plus a perfect holiday reception and even a honeymoon escape) concept would be the Caribbean islands. The expansive aquamarines and glorious sunsets would be lovely backdrops to beach weddings. 

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Professional Wedding Photography Is Invaluable for Asian Weddings

Additionally, there are the Kanya Daan and the Bidaai, or when the bride’s family hands her over to her groom, and she formally leaves her parents’ house and moves in with him. Professional photographers would know what to take pictures of and how to best frame the shot so it would have the maximum emotional effect. They also bring with them professional experience and equipment.

It is a good thing that skill with Asian wedding photography in London can be found with professionals like Pixcellence Photography, who can do all the heavy lifting in terms of photography needs. Asian weddings are already complex affairs and having one less thing to worry about is a good thing for many wedding planners.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

An Experienced Wedding Photographer Will Make Every Moment Memorable

There is also the issue of photographers needing to be familiar with ceremonies influenced by particular cultures. Hindu and Chinese weddings, for example, have their nuances and traditions that an amateur photographer won’t be able to pick up. This is why it is important to hire a trusted London wedding photographer from a reputable studio like Pixcellence Photography who knows all the unique aspects of Asian weddings.

Couples have the right to have the most memorable day of their lives well-documented. Only a photographer with the keenest eye for detail will be able to produce a visually stunning and emotionally moving album that is sure to please any couple.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

How To Know If a Wedding Photographer is Reliable

One of the things that could contribute to your anxiety on your wedding day is the thought that the wedding photos might not turn out as beautifully as you expected. Fortunately, you need not worry about this if you hired a reliable and experienced wedding photographer. How do you know if your photography service provider is really reliable? One indication is his preparedness.

A wedding celebration that lasts for an entire day takes months or years of thorough planning. Your photographer should know that a simple mistake he commits because of lack of preparation can put all those efforts to waste. A reliable photographer will make sure he does his job excellently by holding a dry run a month before the big day.

The dry run may not involve actual shots; the focus will be on running through the event and identifying locations where the shots can be taken. This allows the photographer to see various options and study factors that might influence the photo shoot. For instance, the lighting in the wedding venue and the traffic surrounding the area on the same day of the wedding may affect the quality of the pictures.

A reliable photographer also understands the importance of enough sleep before the main event, as well as having extra batteries and camera accessories on hand. Being physically fit and equipped will reduce his worries, as well as yours, allowing him to focus on the job: that of giving you the best pictures for your special day.

Friday, 28 February 2014

Never Get Wed Without a Professional Photographer

Getting married is one of the most memorable experiences you will make in your lifetime. It won’t happen again with the same partner so the joyous story has to be carefully captured. Unlike other celebrations, which you won’t gravely regret if not properly photographed, weddings should be captured clearly and artistically.

While taking photos has become tremendously easy and popular over the years due to the availability of cameras embedded in almost any type of digital device, photography remains a distinct art that is perfected by years of study and experience. It’s not something anybody can do well by simply carrying a powerful lens. Therefore, do not expect to see good wedding photos if you leave the task to an amateur.

Professional wedding photographers are seasoned artists. They know the right angle, lighting condition, and proper emotion that can make good wedding pictures. Their skills were shaped by years of experience with different types of people and wedding setups. They can achieve what you have in mind—or even exceed it—if you describe clearly what you envision.

Besides skills, wedding photographers are equipped with the necessary equipment to produce high-quality photos. You would want wedding photos that will last a lifetime, and should look for professional wedding photographers who use up-to-date technology. Their equipment greatly overcomes the limitations of typical cameras.