Monday, 26 May 2014

The Three Styles of Wedding Photography

Capturing your wedding through photographs enables you to look back and relive your special day. The challenge lies in deciding how it should be done. Will you request candid shots, or should all the pictures be professionally staged? One of the basic wedding photography styles is bound to fit the bill.
There are three styles of wedding photography – traditional, reportage, and contemporary. Find out which one would work best for your taste:

When traditional wedding photos are taken, the photographer usually acts as your director. He/she will call out the people who will be on each shot, arrange your positions with universal principles, and take the photos in standard portraits or landscapes. A classic, organized photo-op makes sure that everyone in the wedding can have photos with you.

Candid shots are the meat of reportage wedding photos. The photographer acts like a canny photojournalist and finds the right angles and unscripted scenes that will best document your wedding. A lot of the snapped memories are unusual, but the photographer will work his/her magic to create a pure illustrated narrative of your wedding.

Contemporary wedding photography uses more modern techniques and unique concepts for the pictures. The photographer will beautifully manoeuvre the elements of light, backgrounds, colours or specific forms. The inspiration can come from anywhere – from premier magazine editorials to any out-of-the-box theme that you can come up with.

Choose, and let the distinct approach create the finest stills of that fleeting but memorable day. 

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