Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Wedding Photography Helps Preserve Cultural Traditions and Rituals

Marriage in the Hindu culture isn’t just about uniting the individuals but also their families. It is a ceremony that unites not only their physical bodies, but also their souls and spirits. In addition, the event signifies the participants’ acceptance of the responsibilities that come with union. Hindu weddings are divided into three parts: pre-wedding customs, wedding day ceremony, and post-wedding day celebrations. Together, these usually last up to four or five days. One of the most important rituals within this period is called the “Sapta Padi”, the pledging of seven vows. Said to be performed in the presence of Agni, the divinity who symbolizes fire and light, the rite helps build the foundation of the couple’s marriage by speaking of love, loyalty, and commitment.

Monday, 24 November 2014

How a Seasoned Wedding Photographer Can Affect a Marriage Ceremony

A wedding is a significant milestone, and thus it is important to plan for it comprehensively so that these memories can be shared with your loved ones in the future. By hiring a professional wedding photographer, couples can look back at the pictures taken during their wedding day and reminisce everything from the planning, pre-nuptials, and make-up to the ceremony and reception with family and friends who were part of the special day. Photographs aren’t just tangible objects; they also serve the more vital function of bringing back memories that were captured a long time ago. The laughter that was shared, tears that weren’t contained by the participants, the smiles of the children and of everyone else present that day—photographs bring back all of the sweet and cherished moments that made that day truly special.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

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