Monday, 26 May 2014

Sikh Wedding Highlights Make Great Photo Moments

Although they have huge religious significance, wedding ceremonies throughout the world are also seen as celebrations of culture--something that is exemplified by Punjabi Sikh weddings. Unlike most other weddings in the U.K., Sikh weddings often last for days and consist of multiple ceremonies performed before and during the actual wedding, or Anand Karaj, itself. As such, these occasions offer aspiring wedding photographers a lot of opportunities for memorable snapshots and photos.

Take for instance the Milni--the ceremony where the groom introduces his family to the bride’s family. This is done hours or minutes before the Anand Karaj. It is a very important tradition as this is where both families formally get to know each other and express their best wishes. Even the procession from the groom’s home to the temple or Gurdwara deserves a few memorable snapshots, as it is traditional for the groom to arrive at the Gurdwara on horseback.

As with similar ceremonies of other religions, Sikh weddings conclude with an extravagant feast, or Langar, for guests and relatives. Sikh weddings also have one final ceremony called the Doli, where the bride bids her family farewell. While the Doli is usually an emotional occasion, it can also be a source of laughs as the bride’s sisters (if she has any) are obliged to pull a prank on the groom and his best man.

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