Monday, 5 May 2014

Intimacy through Wedding Photography

Smaller, intimate weddings are one of the rising trends this year. The memorable event can certainly be more special with aspects closer to your heart, be it in terms of guests or in terms of your wedding designs. As you settle plans to make your big day feel more intimate, let these simple tips guide you to make the most of your wedding photography:

Highlight your heritage.
Wedding inspiration magazines are putting a spotlight on locally themed weddings, particularly of Asian cultures. Unlike classic western weddings, Asian weddings are saturated in bright colours and solemn traditions. Have your wedding photographs highlight this heritage during the preparation, ceremony, and celebratory feasts to create a more personal and unified touch in your gallery of pictures. 
Add personal touches.
Customisation is one of the trends couples opt for, even with the extra expense. Personal touches to wedding elements bring interesting, distinctive twists to an otherwise cookie cutter wedding. Use do-it-yourself decors, customised cakes, and personalised favours to celebrate your uniqueness as a couple, which guests often find delightful as welcome treats to remember the event by.

Get a photographer that knows you.
Hiring a local photographer or one that specialises in your theme is the best way to preserve an intimate wedding. The photographer needs to understand your preferences and personality in order to take the right shots at the right moment. Look for a professional that can capture the noteworthy moments that become your cherished memories of your special day.

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