Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Get Great Wedding Photos with These Tips

Your wedding is a special day and you will want the reminders of that day to be as good as they can be. These tip will ensure your wedding photos are truly memorable.

Choose a Style

There are many wedding photography styles, and each photographer will be versed in one or the other, so it’s best to know what you want before hiring a photographer. Note that there are photographers whose shots are traditional while others are more daring and inventive when it comes to angle, lighting, background, and poses.

Colours and Themes

As you choose which themes you want your wedding to have, think about what hues you would like your photographer to use. If you’re going for a historical theme for instance, black and white photos would be an excellent way to capture special moments. You can either choose your own colour preferences or ask your photographer for ideas.

Be Adaptive

Even if you’ve planned out the entire photo itinerary long before the big day, you should be willing enough to concede to changes and compromises, especially with regards to weather.

On Group Portraits

The thing about group portraits is that the more shots you want to take of different groups of people, the more time it will take to get  one. You either go for a shorter list and try multiple shots at different angles with each, or a longer list that includes several people but offers very little room to correct bad shots.

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