Thursday, 27 March 2014

Wedding Photographer for Picturesque Destinations

Photographers are becoming highly-sought for destination weddings. A professional wedding photographer who has work experience across Europe, Western Asia, and other popular spots for destination weddings can beautifully cover such special events. Here are just some of the locations where wedding photographers would work splendidly:

As one of the most romantic places in the world, Italy offers a lot to couples who want a gorgeous backdrop for their big day. The wedding may be a religious ceremony in Florence or in Umbria. Perhaps, it would be a modern affair in the Tuscany countryside landscapes or a medieval castle in Venice. Whichever part of Italy a couple chooses, destination wedding photographers will always aim to creatively capture every precious moment.

South Asian wedding photography light up with saturated colours and rich cultures in India. Unlike western weddings, bright hues and dyed fabrics are unique in these festive yet solemn events. Wedding photographers who specialize in South Asian or Asian weddings are well-versed with proper etiquette in Hindu temples, mosques for Muslims, and so on. They are familiar with traditions, such as the dictates of South Asian culture, enough to capture the true highlights of the wedding.

The Caribbean

Of course, the ultimate destination wedding (plus a perfect holiday reception and even a honeymoon escape) concept would be the Caribbean islands. The expansive aquamarines and glorious sunsets would be lovely backdrops to beach weddings. 

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