Friday, 31 October 2014

Unique Wedding Photo Ideas

When it comes to wedding photography, most people think of stiff, pre-determined poses. However, it isn’t much like that nowadays, as photographers are artists by their own right. For those looking for unique wedding photo ideas, here are a few.
Bride before her gown – Before the bride puts her dress on, a photographer can opt to capture a stunningly candid moment of his or her subject taking it all in and admiring her beautiful dress before the ceremony kicks in.

He’s mine!” – A staged shot wherein the bride holds her groom’s hand tightly while a group of bridesmaids try to pull them apart would be a cheerful change of pace.
Mom helping with bride’s dress – Another candid moment, the image of the bride’s mother helping her daughter out with the gown would be absolutely nostalgic if taken at the best moment possible.
We saw nothing!” – As soon as the ceremony ends, it’s time for the kiss—but with a little twist. Instead of capturing only the couple, the photographer can instruct the family members and friends to stand in the background and cover their eyes with their hands, giving the couple a bit of “privacy.
Groom showing off the ring – People are familiar with the bride proudly showing off her ring to her bridesmaids (and their iconic “girly” reactions). But what about gender bending the trend? A groom casually showing off his ring to his groomsmen would look hilarious, wouldn’t it?

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