Friday, 17 October 2014

How Photographers Capture Stunning Candid Photos

Photographers are mostly overt with their job, positioning themselves at the best possible vantage point with their lenses intently pointed at the subject they’re trying to photograph. But at times, they can be ultra-sneaky—capturing a stunningly beautiful candid moment without the subject ever knowing it. Here are a few tricks that they employ.

The tourist – This method is what one would term “seen, but unseen.” Photographers employ this method when in public places with lots of people, and the trick is this: the photographer stands on a specific vantage point trying to make himself seem like he’s looking for something to shoot from afar, but covertly and cleverly angles his camera to capture a candid shot of his or her subject in the midst of the crowd.
Shots from the hip – Candid photography usually leaves photographers limited time to position themselves carefully. In order to avoid making the subject aware of their intentions, photographers leave their camera as low as possible and look at the LCD screen instead of the viewfinder.
Walking into the shot – Photographers sometimes “lure” their subjects by pretending to shoot something from afar much like the “tourist” trick. Whenever they see an interesting subject coming down the street, for instance, they point their cameras at the subject’s direction but discreetly, then wait for the right moment when the subject literally walks into the frame.

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