Friday, 25 July 2014

Documenting Exotic Weddings

If you’re planning to get married in a traditional Asian style, it’s a wise choice to make sure that the photographer you hire is familiar with the customs and traditions practiced at weddings in your home country. While you the wedding may not seem any more exotic to you than a Sunday stroll through Piccadilly Circus, remember that it certainly might be to the born and bred Englishman or woman clicking away at the shutter.

Photographers with experience documenting exotic weddings share several things in common:

  1. They have an intimate understanding of cultural differences. Either they have spent a lot of time in another country, travelling around the world, or married someone from the other side of the world. Whatever the case, they’ll be sensitive to your customs and will likely even enquire about how best to approach their work with you.

  1. Your wedding won’t be the first exotic event they’ve worked. A photographer who’s worked exotic events in the past will understand that taking pictures of such events requires a quick eye to capture those fleeting, emotionally charged moments and an open mind that can pierce the novelty of the event and see the beauty within. As such, your ideal photographer will likely be able to show you pictures of past events they have documented. Analyse what they focused on and the details that they showcased.

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