Friday, 18 April 2014

Working Wonders with your Wedding Photographer

Before hiring a photographer for your wedding, understand first that photographers are artists. They create art works out of captured real life images, and to do that, you need to leave them enough room to recreate images or moments during the occasion. There will be great pictures, and middling ones, but it is best that you can work with your photographer cooperatively and openly communicate how to capture moments brilliantly, as immortalized in pictures.
Candid photos are stunning, but do not underestimate the power of the pose. Sit with your photographer and settle on major shot selections, background shots, and even incorporation of quirky, yet memorable ideas. Bring out fashion magazines and get inspired by the ideas in them. Take note of the elements used in the cover and inside shots, and study how the elements combine to make the photos stand out.
It is also important to ask the photographer for access to his sorting session beforehand. This is handy if you’d like to determine which shots you’d like to include in the album, and identify those needing post-production work. However, remember that your input and that your photographer’s are required during this sorting session, or you might end up loathing each other.
Remember the saying, “There are no rules for good photographs”. You can set limitations as to the places where the photographer can position himself, when to snap photos, and other details. Being the artist that your photographer is, let him (or her) wield his magic.

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